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Feelings Are Not Facts

I was waiting for him to come back inside after taking the dog out, and I was starting to get impatient. I had already gotten the pizza out of the oven, I had the movie ready to go and placed on pause, and he had been outside for at least 15 minutes. Finally, I hauled

I Found My Mother’s Family

My grandmother died five months ago. I just found out a few days ago when I stumbled across her obituary online. Well, stumbled may be a little misleading since I was in fact looking for her, but I wasn’t expecting to find out that she was dead. Actually, I wasn’t even expecting to find her

I’m Finally Here

My family is well known for their 4th of July parties. Now when I say known, I mean KNOWN. In fact around this time every year I start hearing from “friends” whom I have not heard from since last July. It’s an event that people look forward to every year and with good reason. What

I Didn’t Even See It Coming

  Two days after a catastrophic break-up with my boyfriend of two years, I wandered into a pet store looking to purchase a larger cage for the bunny my now ex-boyfriend had bought me for my birthday. I asked to speak with the manager, telling the store employee that I was in need of a

You Never Noticed Me

The visions can be illusions, the truth hidden by a mirage.  What is, isn’t always what is, what was, isn’t always what was. The memories trick, the photos mislead, the things you saw were lies,  because what was really happening was hidden from your eyes. You saw me growing up, you saw me as I

I Saw My Mother

“Eden, whatever happened to your mother? Did you end up going to see her?” says all the emails in my inbox. Well….sort of. Yes, I “saw” her…I “saw” her as I pushed my way past her and entered her house. Yep, that happened. Now you see, if you remember from the post “I realized that

I’m Going To See My Mother

I run on a near daily basis. Miles upon miles fly by under my feet and while I run for exercise, I also run for a deeper purpose. I run because it is a very controlled way to deal with the anxieties of my past. For a long time, running was the only coping mechanism

Damn Straight I’m Gonna Wear It

A couple weeks ago both of my kids got the stomach flu. I’m telling you, there aren’t many things that I rank higher in the “hellish experience” department than being a single working mother of two young children with the stomach flu. Missing work (i.e. a paycheck) so that I can spend my day covered

Nothing More Than A Burden

These last two years have put me through so many life changing emotions that when I sit back and think about it, it feels unreal. The biggest emotion that I have been struggling with, as you guys have seen here in previous posts, has been making myself a priority. I’ve still really been struggling with

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