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The Judge Yelled At Me

The judge yelled at me. But first, let me backtrack and tell you that my ex actually showed up, which is always a surprise. And by “showed up,” I mean he logged into zoom court. Yes, you read that right, ZOOM COURT. Our town now is holding court by Zoom and it’s SUPER WEIRD. Imagine

My Ex’s Attorney Is A Killer (Literally)

If you didn’t read the last post, “I’m Not There Anymore,” I suggest reading that first so that this post makes sense. ************** It’s been a few days since my day in court, and I’m feeling much better. Overall I wasn’t feeling all that bad to begin with (compared to prior years in court), but either

I’m Not There Anymore

  It’s 6:30am. My husband just left for work, and the kids are sleeping. It’s been raining on and off, so it’s still dark out, and the cars driving on the road outside, are making a whizzing noise on the wet pavement as people rush off to work. A chill hangs in the air and

You Are Never Going To Believe This

************************ Heeeelllllooooo everyone! My gosh, WHERE IS THE TIME GOING? I feel like these last few months have just run over me; some great, other parts not-so-great, and a few moments have just been insane. Can we talk about “insane,” for a few minutes here? Because here is something that I cannot even wrap my

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