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I’ll Take Insanity For $500

Well, it’s that time again. Time to head somewhere that typically just pisses me off and makes me a rather unpleasant person to be around for the 24 hours after I leave said place; mostly because it’s a place filled with creepy people, a ridiculous judge, and an ex husband that I despise. Oh yea,

Well Surprise, Surprise……

Well, surprise, surprise, I have court again on Friday. Does this seem a bit redundant to you? I mean really, aren’t you tired of talking about this? Because I am. I am so over this. In fact, I’m pretty sure that is nearly exactly what I said last time! But, as usual, there’s nothing I

My Ex Showed Up For Court

I’m not sure how many of you remember but in July I paid Mr. Attorney Man (in single dollar bills, in a duffle bag, in a parking lot, because WHY NOT?) to take my ex back to court due to his continued nonpayment of child support. I was coming off the heel of yet another failed

I’m At Least Going To Try

If you remember, in June 2014 I decided to take my Ex back to court for unpaid child support. It was a decision that I had really struggled with because I was nervous to reignite his anger, but the kids and I were really struggling due to his refusal to acknowledge our existence or his court

Court Decision

I’m sorry that I didn’t respond to all of your messages, I’ve just been a little overwhelmed this week. I did read all of them and I truly appreciate each and every one of you who took the time to comment, they all meant something to me. I don’t have a long post because it’s

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