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Give Me Your Thoughts On This

Actual conversations I’ve had with The Girl Child this week; “Mom, if I stick my finger in there will I be ‘electrocubed’?” “Yes kid, if you stick your finger in the socket you will be electrocuted.” ….five minutes later. “Why are you still staring at the socket?” “I’m trying to decide if I want to

I Broke Up With Him

I broke up with The Detective Whose Name I Do Not Like. It sucks, I’m bummed, but I’m OK with it. Here’s the thing; He was great. No really, he was. I have absolutely no complaints about him whatsoever. Super sweet, thoughtful, good looking, responsible, etc, etc, etc, and yet I broke up with him

I Just Don’t Even Know Where To Start

“I mean she’s really pretty and all man, but divorced with two kids? You could totally do better than that. You don’t need all that baggage in your life.” “You can do better than that” meaning that he, Piano Man,could do better than me, according to his best friend. I wasn’t supposed to overhear him

He Makes My Clothes Fall Off

I really don’t like the police and yet I keep dating their detectives…. Bizarre I know. Very shortly after I broke up with Doctor Dude and Secret Agent Man, I met someone. He has the same name as my father and he is a detective. I am ok with just about none of that, although,

And Another Few Bite The Dust

Well, I guess it’s finally time to give you the boyfriend update. If you remember from my post “Can’t I Just Bang Them Both,” I was trying to decide what to do about the relationships I was in. I was dating Doctor Dude, who was pretty much everything I was looking for, plus there was

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