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My Ex Showed Up For Court

I’m not sure how many of you remember but in July I paid Mr. Attorney Man (in single dollar bills, in a duffle bag, in a parking lot, because WHY NOT?) to take my ex back to court due to his continued nonpayment of child support. I was coming off the heel of yet another failed

When Love Hurts

She stomped out of the room, turning around just long enough to shout “I wish daddy was here and not you!!” My heart exploded. For a kid that is rarely in trouble and raises her voice towards me about as often as I change out my yearly calender, I was shocked. Shocked, hurt, and shaking

He Is Still Hurting Me

I pulled into her driveway and waited for her to come out of the house. She did, slowly, and as she sunk into the passenger seat I could tell she had been crying. White knuckles gripping her purse as she whispered out a forced “hello” and then turned her head to stare out the window,

I Didn’t Even See It Coming

  Two days after a catastrophic break-up with my boyfriend of two years, I wandered into a pet store looking to purchase a larger cage for the bunny my now ex-boyfriend had bought me for my birthday. I asked to speak with the manager, telling the store employee that I was in need of a

The New Government Conspiracy

After nearly two decades of hard drug use, my ex’s brain started to cook. I feel fairly confident in giving him that medical diagnosis despite the fact that I myself have never personally attended medical school, simply based on the fact that I was around him long enough to watch his brains actually start to

I’m Not Ashamed To Be On Welfare

Hey…guess who’s back? Yea, it’s me. Sorry about suddenly going MIA, I didn’t intend for that to happen. This was an eye-opening 11 days or so, the majority of which needed to be spent in silence. That translated into me not answering many phone calls or texts, letting emails go un-replied with the exception of

This Is Not Fair!!

((Sigh)) So I figured that I owed you all an explanation as to why the blog has been a bit funky for the past couple of weeks. Less posts, longer time for my comment replies, and oh the typos. (Yup, even Mr. Attorney Man sent me an email about how many typos I have had

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