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I Talked To My Ex

So I was basically a bitch for three days straight last week, I’ll admit it. I’m not kidding you, if you stepped in my path you were probably going to catch a nasty attitude from me. You know that look that girls sometimes get that says “if you talk to me I might kill you?”

The Post Where I Show You My Ex

Since my ex left, I have made an effort to push myself through uncomfortable situations just so that I could prove to myself that I could do it. Details withheld (I really don’t feel like being scrutinized by the trolls) last year the kids and I were offered the opportunity to go on an all

Make Money Makeover

In my post “When Everything Is Just Not Ok” I explained that in order to start gathering the money that I would need to pay for my daughter’s broken window, a window that my ex shot, I had sold my bed and the chair in my bedroom. I slept like that for ooooh…about a week

Seriously, Enough Is Enough

You guys, I am so tired. I slept ohhhh……maybe an hour last night, probably less. I had a hard time writing this post. I kept writing, deleting, crying, writing some more, deleting again, crying, and so on. You see, I have good news; I don’t have to go to court on Monday. Yay! Right? Am

When Everything Is Just Not Ok

**Ok, little disclaimer here, not sure why, but one glass of wine has made me a little bit fuzzy brained tonight…probably because it’s 9:02pm and I haven’t eaten since like 11am, but still that’s really unlike me. Anyways… forgive my spelling and grammar errors as I quickly wrote this post this morning figuring I would

Oh F**k I Peed On The Floor

Both of my kids birthday’s are going to be coming up in the next few weeks and it got me thinking about being pregnant with both of them. I have to tell you, pregnancy is a really weird thing. It’s weird to me that it didn’t feel more natural, but it just didn’t. I wasn’t

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