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I Require Adult Supervision

Last month as my Platonic Hubby and I were trying to figure out something to do for my birthday, the conversation took a turn that looked like this: I’m the orange-ish bubble So Saturday night my Platonic Husband, two other friends, and I, spent the night in the city. There was a lot of planning

Why Would I Buy That?

A few nights ago after I suffered a minor facial injury that I will take to the grave that I don’t want to talk about, The Platonic Husband and I made plans to watch the comedy “The Sex Tape.” I’m the ugly peach color. For some reason it wouldn’t let me crop the pics so

Upcoming Surgery This Week

Talk about a whirlwind of a weekend!! Geesh. Is it Friday yet??? Oh no wait. Friday just passed. Wowzers. My Friday night ended like this: A few friends brought tasty things and came over to chill out after a long week, and trust me when I say that it was a LONG week. Aside from

Having A Pretend Mom Rocks

Hey all, so it’s Mother’s Day over here in the US, and as many of you probably remember, I typically hate Mother’s Day. VERY MUCH DISLIKE. But, I’ve made a little bit of progress. Last year not only was I pissed that I am a single mother, but I was also pissed that I didn’t have

I Have A Surprise For You…

It’s Monday!This is what I woke up to this morning (well technically I woke up to this “yesterday” morning, this post was written at like 2am Monday morning): A little man standing on my bed while he exclaimed “look how big my muscles are!” As much as I like the weekends, I also like Mondays.

A Kiss From Me To You

The holiday’s are over!!! I don’t know about all of you, but I am worn out!  More than worn out though, I was ABSOLUTELY blown away at how much you guys care about me and my kids. I received quite a few emails asking how our holiday’s went and since I truly do care about you

I Met The New Neighbors

So I met the new neighbors. I was supposed to meet Frisbee Boy’s Mom for lunch and she asked me to stop by her house first. When I got there she literally handed me a banana bread and said “I made this for your neighbors so go over there and meet them. Take this with

They Came Softly

I know, the title, but come on, it wouldn’t really be my blog without at least one slightly inappropriate innuendo, now would it? Ok, now GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER. I saw my mother at the grocery store the other day.  I needed to go to the health food store and I drove

I Saw My Mother

“Eden, whatever happened to your mother? Did you end up going to see her?” says all the emails in my inbox. Well….sort of. Yes, I “saw” her…I “saw” her as I pushed my way past her and entered her house. Yep, that happened. Now you see, if you remember from the post “I realized that

Beware Of Frisbee’s

Everyone has those stories from their past that they just love to share, don’t they? So you have a story that stand out as particularly funny or dramatic, that come up time and time again? Well I do, so I thought that maybe you would like to hear one of my best party stories. Freshman

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