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I’m At Least Going To Try

If you remember, in June 2014 I decided to take my Ex back to court for unpaid child support. It was a decision that I had really struggled with because I was nervous to reignite his anger, but the kids and I were really struggling due to his refusal to acknowledge our existence or his court

That Is Not My Problem

I’m sure Mr. Attorney Man is going to kill me for sharing this story, but oh well. I’m a fast runner so I think I’ll be OK. Several months ago we had a board member meeting for our nonprofit. Because our board consists of people spread an hour in every direction, it can be a

Having A PTSD Crisis Here…

So this morning I texted Mr. Attorney Man to let him know that my Order of Protection expires in a few weeks. Renewing it was something that I had been somewhat pondering but mostly just pushing out of my mind, and I wanted to at least touch base with him and see what it entailed

On Losing My Anonymity

We were in the car, all six of us, a few girls that I knew and a couple that I didn’t. We had been in the car for a while when somehow the topic of Botox came up, which immediately segwayed into the topic of plastic surgery. As the girls were commenting on what they

And This Is What Has Kept Us Busy

So, do you want to know what has been keeping me (and Mr. Attorney Man) busy? Fighting with my state. The child support office has STILL been withholding my child support payments, since last August! AN ENTIRE YEAR!!!!! I don’t want to delve into the entire story again, so if you are new to this

Another Look Inside My Phone

I was clearing out the texts and emails on my phone the other day and I realized that it had been a while since I had given you a peek in here, so eh, why not? For some reason none of my computer editing software allows me to crop screen shots so please excuse the

Your Legal Questions Answered

Hey, guess who finally got around to answering all of your questions? Mr. Attorney Man! Below I am pasting the unedited and uncut word document sent directly from the man himself, with the exception that I added in a few pictures. Although he writes a good post, the dude only sent me three pictures… all of

She Didn’t Even See Me

I got mail from the Child Support Division. I cried. I opened the mail while I was in the car and burst into tears. I am just literally at my wits end with this entire thing. Three months now, three months Mr. Attorney Man and I have been chasing this issue around from office to

I’m Not Ashamed To Be On Welfare

Hey…guess who’s back? Yea, it’s me. Sorry about suddenly going MIA, I didn’t intend for that to happen. This was an eye-opening 11 days or so, the majority of which needed to be spent in silence. That translated into me not answering many phone calls or texts, letting emails go un-replied with the exception of

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