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Newsflash: Bad Things Happen

“Alright” the doctor said, flipping through the test results that the nurse had just handed him. “Hum. Ok” he muttered to himself as I tried not to jump out of the chair and rip the results from his hands. I mean really now, read a little faster and tell me what the hell is going

Goodbye Dad, I Love You

“Mommy, will you always love me?” The Girl Child asked, seemingly at random. “Always,” I answered. “Will you always like me?” she asked next. “Maybe not” I said. Harsh, I know. As she stared back at me with a shocked expression on her sweet, seven year old face, I began to explain. “I will always,

Feelings Are Not Facts

I was waiting for him to come back inside after taking the dog out, and I was starting to get impatient. I had already gotten the pizza out of the oven, I had the movie ready to go and placed on pause, and he had been outside for at least 15 minutes. Finally, I hauled

My Neighbors Called The Police

So I have a confession to make. Bugs, they make me scream. It’s totally ridiculous and actually pretty funny, but I can’t help it — they make me scream. It’s not even so much that I’m scared of the bug itself, but more in the way that the bug most likely snuck up on me.

A Better Way To Spend Your Time

“But no one will think I’m pretty!” she said, her 7 year old face starting to well up with tears. Dressed as if she were going to be in an elementary school fashion show, she was wearing the dress that she begged me to stay up late last night and wash, enough plastic bracelets to

My Friend Was Murdered

My friend was murdered last week. I’m in complete shock. Several years ago my friend’s husband died of a drug overdose, leaving her as a single mother to her young son. Looking back, her situation reminds me very much of the one I was in, except that in the end, my drug addicted husband left, and

The Destruction Of Life

As I’ve talked about before, I used to do a lot of missionary work. For many years I spent part of my summers traveling the country and seeing poverty and human suffering that most people cannot even imagine. As I’ve also mentioned before, quite a bit of that time I spent in New Orleans. Sure, I

That Is Not My Problem

I’m sure Mr. Attorney Man is going to kill me for sharing this story, but oh well. I’m a fast runner so I think I’ll be OK. Several months ago we had a board member meeting for our nonprofit. Because our board consists of people spread an hour in every direction, it can be a

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