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The Girl Child had curriculum night at her school a few nights ago. Because they didn’t want a bunch of kids interrupting the teachers and parents, the school had a drop-off classroom where kids could stay and watch a movie; both of my kids were excited to go. There were two sessions that night and

Please Take All The Animals

So as I’ve said roughly 8.7 million times before, I live on the edge of nowhere. In fact even my neighborhood seems to be becoming part of the field these days, seeing as how every spring we become engulfed in corn husks that blow off the fields from last years harvest. Excuse the poor quality,

I Require Adult Supervision

Last month as my Platonic Hubby and I were trying to figure out something to do for my birthday, the conversation took a turn that looked like this: I’m the orange-ish bubble So Saturday night my Platonic Husband, two other friends, and I, spent the night in the city. There was a lot of planning

Why Would I Buy That?

A few nights ago after I suffered a minor facial injury that I will take to the grave that I don’t want to talk about, The Platonic Husband and I made plans to watch the comedy “The Sex Tape.” I’m the ugly peach color. For some reason it wouldn’t let me crop the pics so

Celebrate With Me!

**I’m going to pop in here real fast and say that by the time this hits most of your inbox’s, The Boy Child will be in surgery. I’ll try and update on Facebook, thanks for all your messages. I’ve been reading them to him and he thinks it’s very funny that he is getting his

Having A Pretend Mom Rocks

Hey all, so it’s Mother’s Day over here in the US, and as many of you probably remember, I typically hate Mother’s Day. VERY MUCH DISLIKE. But, I’ve made a little bit of progress. Last year not only was I pissed that I am a single mother, but I was also pissed that I didn’t have

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