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What The Hell?

Boys. Moms, do I really need to say anything else? They really are a different breed aren’t they? I give my daughter a toy and she’s all “this is great! Show me how it works!” and I give the same toy to my son and he’s all “this is great, whatever it is and whatever

The New Government Conspiracy

After nearly two decades of hard drug use, my ex’s brain started to cook. I feel fairly confident in giving him that medical diagnosis despite the fact that I myself have never personally attended medical school, simply based on the fact that I was around him long enough to watch his brains actually start to

Give Me Your Thoughts On This

Actual conversations I’ve had with The Girl Child this week; “Mom, if I stick my finger in there will I be ‘electrocubed’?” “Yes kid, if you stick your finger in the socket you will be electrocuted.” ….five minutes later. “Why are you still staring at the socket?” “I’m trying to decide if I want to

He Needs To Move Out, Now!

A new roommate has moved into my house. It hasn’t been going well. First off, he wears my shoes. On his entire body. I do not like that. First though, let me rewind. The other day The Girl Child had a birthday party to attend at a farm-zoo. Yep, that’s what people do around these

I Hurted Mah-Self

I hurted mah-self doing the twerk. Twerk much? Too much. My friend asked me to fill in for her and teach her twerking class over the weekend. Did you know there was such a thing as a twerking class? I did not right up until that moment. I’ve taught a bit of twerking in my

I Have A Surprise For You…

It’s Monday!This is what I woke up to this morning (well technically I woke up to this “yesterday” morning, this post was written at like 2am Monday morning): A little man standing on my bed while he exclaimed “look how big my muscles are!” As much as I like the weekends, I also like Mondays.

There Was Definitely Screaming

I DROVE ON THE EXPRESSWAY!!!!! I’m telling you, I wasn’t kidding when I said I was determined to get over this fear of mine! Thankfully my friends were all in when I told them about project “Helping Eden Get Over Her Absolutely Ridiculous Fears” and so off we went, to tackle my fears and create nightmares. A few

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