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Living At The Hyatt

So, I now live at the Hyatt. Like… I’m not just staying here for a bit, I live here. My family lives at the Hyatt. Gosh, where do I even start? A couple months ago, when The Guy first broached the subject of moving, we already had an idea of what we wanted, and where

Sex, Diagrams, And A Cheesecake

* If the pictures appear blurry, select the desktop version on your mobile device* In case you didn’t pick up on this from my last post, I am very, very, extremely ready to have this baby. Even more now, since I dislocated my hip (stupid genetic disorder) not long after hitting “publish” on the last

So, Our House Flooded

  So, our house flooded. And, it wasn’t a tiny flood. We are now living in a hotel. Yep, and we’ve been here for a week already. Thanks Boy Child. I wasn’t home when the flood occurred. I got a call from our babysitter saying that something had happened to the toilet on the third

This Is A True Story And The Cop Is Real

**************** Right before The Girl Child’s extended hospital vacation, I traveled to Florida with The Guy and the kids for something. In typical Strong family style, we decided to make everything a little more dramatic than it actually needed to be, and took a plane ride with the most turbulence that I have ever experienced

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