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There Was Definitely Screaming

I DROVE ON THE EXPRESSWAY!!!!! I’m telling you, I wasn’t kidding when I said I was determined to get over this fear of mine! Thankfully my friends were all in when I told them about project “Helping Eden Get Over Her Absolutely Ridiculous Fears” and so off we went, to tackle my fears and create nightmares. A few

A Kiss From Me To You

The holiday’s are over!!! I don’t know about all of you, but I am worn out!  More than worn out though, I was ABSOLUTELY blown away at how much you guys care about me and my kids. I received quite a few emails asking how our holiday’s went and since I truly do care about you

I Am Just Not Cut Out For This

Two weeks ago my kids and I were invited to go to a pumpkin farm with a single mom friend, her three kids, and her parents. I’m all for pumpkin farms, I enjoy the seasonal festivities as much as the next girl, but I will admit, I have a slightly ulterior motive; A big part

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