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Good Luck With All Of This

It’s the weekend!!!! Last weekend I updated you on the craziness that has been going on in our life, but geez, I’ve also been so busy at work (and I’m not even talking about running the nonprofit!). Allow me to update you on a month’s worth of articles that I wrote while sitting the waiting

As Usual…

As usual, it’s been really busy around here and since you guys are always sweet enough to email me and see what we are up to, here’s the monthly update! I’ve been working insane hours and there’s been something else taking up a lot of my time (which we will talk about later this week

And This Is What Has Kept Us Busy

So, do you want to know what has been keeping me (and Mr. Attorney Man) busy? Fighting with my state. The child support office has STILL been withholding my child support payments, since last August! AN ENTIRE YEAR!!!!! I don’t want to delve into the entire story again, so if you are new to this

Oh My Goodness, I Need Advice

Alright, I need some advice. I have absolutely no idea what to do about a situation with my daughter and a dance class she is in, and you guys are super smart, so please send advice! My daughter, The Girl Child, has been dancing since she was three. **Now before we go any further, in


It’s funny how everyone waits for summer to get here so that they can kick back and relax, but then the minute it gets here we all take off running and throw relaxation to the side! Here’s just a snapshot of what the Strong family has been up to: As I said before, someone graduated

Upcoming Surgery This Week

Talk about a whirlwind of a weekend!! Geesh. Is it Friday yet??? Oh no wait. Friday just passed. Wowzers. My Friday night ended like this: A few friends brought tasty things and came over to chill out after a long week, and trust me when I say that it was a LONG week. Aside from

It’s My Weekend Yo!

Wow, it has been a BUSY day. First off, it started at 3:30am. I had a super creepy dream about my ex, so much so that I couldn’t fall back asleep because it had freaked me out so bad. By the time the kids got up I was so completely wired that I ran five

Give Me Your Thoughts On This

Actual conversations I’ve had with The Girl Child this week; “Mom, if I stick my finger in there will I be ‘electrocubed’?” “Yes kid, if you stick your finger in the socket you will be electrocuted.” ….five minutes later. “Why are you still staring at the socket?” “I’m trying to decide if I want to

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