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Yesterday I Flipped The F**k Out

*Warning, there is a lot of swearing in this post* Please also note, my children were at daycare. Thought that was important to throw in there…. I flipped out yesterday. No, I didn’t just flip out, I FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT. I can honestly say that I have never felt so angry in my entire life.

How It All Began

I just looked at my traffic reader that tells me how many people are reading this blog. Someone come resuscitate me. First off, let me tell you, I am ASTOUNDED at how this blog has grown. I was literally laying in my bed one October morning, three days after I had been raped in my

Mr. Attorney Man

So, this post started out as something completely different, and was significantly shorter, but, when I told my attorney that I was writing about him, his exact words to me were “Fuck you.”Bad idea dude. Bad idea.So…….Challenge accepted. Now to most people, if their attorney had said “fuck you” to them, they would most likely be

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