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The Judge Yelled At Me

The judge yelled at me. But first, let me backtrack and tell you that my ex actually showed up, which is always a surprise. And by “showed up,” I mean he logged into zoom court. Yes, you read that right, ZOOM COURT. Our town now is holding court by Zoom and it’s SUPER WEIRD. Imagine

I Looked The Devil In His Eyes

The anniversary of the day my 1st husband nearly killed us and then vanished is a day that I can’t seem to forget. For a long time that day haunted me. How do you forget a day like that? You can’t unfortunately. You can’t, thankfully. That anniversary day was yesterday and although I remember it

But, Instead

Yesterday was long. Actually, the last few weeks have been a bit stressful, because you know, life. My husband was in a serious car accident, that miraculously left him uninjured, however my car was completely totaled. Do you guys remember that blue car with the racing stripes I got as a single mom? I’m going

Seven Years Of Abandonment

Seven years ago today, my ex left. Seven. Years. It’s weird, how time moves. There are days when I think of him, and it feels like just yesterday he was still around. Like I could walk around the corner at the grocery store, and see a different husband standing by our cart. Or I could

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