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What Is Sex Like After Rape?

As you guys know I’ve been a support group leader for sexual assault and domestic abuse victims for a while now. Aside from running general groups, I specialize in assisting sexual assault victims with regaining their sexuality. Support groups are fantastic, amazing, wonderful places, but unfortunately they are oftentimes filled with women who have been

The Sex Toys I Couldn’t Get Rid Of

So here’s a strange story for you….because really, let’s be honest here, more than half of you tune in everyday to watch the train wreck that is me. I’m totally ok with that. Anyways, once upon a time almost exactly ten years ago, I had a bridal shower before getting married. My ex worked with

I’m Selling My Body

I was never nurtured into adulthood; I was dragged, kicked, and shoved until I got there. It wasn’t long after I turned 18 that I came home to find my parents putting boxes in my room and essentially telling me “we’re done, get out!” To be honest, I couldn’t fill those boxes fast enough and

“Let’s Talk About Sex Baby”

Ok, for my American counterparts, I have that really awful song by Salt N’ Pepa running through my head. “Lets talk about sex baby, lets talk about you and me, lets talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be, lets talk about sex.” Last night I ran a support group

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