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Take Notice

My daughter has been in the hospital for nearly a week now. Because of the move, my business trip, and now this, I’ve stayed in seven hotels, in the last three weeks. I’m weary. Last night my husband picked up my sons and took them back “home,” leaving me at the Ronald McDonald House, with

Please Don’t Tell Me I’m Losing My Son

“Momma, I’m blowing on a wishing flower, and I’m wishing no more doctors” Horatio G. Spafford, his wife Anna, and their five children lived in Chicago in the late 1800’s. Horatio was a successful lawyer with a booming business, when tragedy struck and pneumonia stole the life of his young son. That same year, the

It Was Always Meant To Be

On Friday, The Boy Child was hooked up for an extended video EEG, which basically means that a bunch of electrodes were glued to his head, several EKG electrodes were placed on his back, and then an EEG machine was wrapped on top of his head, therefore making him look like a smurf. The box

Please Pray For Us

Do you ever have those days where you feel so overwhelmed, that you don’t feel like you can even think straight? I’m having that month, and I’m not sure where to even start explaining. Things have been a bit chaotic in the Strong household, and I’m spending more time crying and praying that I don’t

Conditional Basis

Someone is finally feeling MUCH better!! …. Most of the time. Either way, she had a little visit from a therapy dog… …. Watched a few hundred episodes of “Full House,” (which made me feel VERY old)… … Took a walk with “Frisbee Boy’s Mom” Tried to play a game of “Pie Face,”  (Hello, kitchen?


We are still here. Poor kid has just had a lot of complications that we weren’t anticipating.  I’m running on about… oh… maybe six hours of sleep since Thursday. She on the other hand, was transferred to a different floor last night and seemed to sleep a lot better. So that’s a plus since it’s

My Heart Is Breaking

I’ve been sitting in a chair now for forty-three hours, not counting the 5 hours that I drove forty-five minutes home to take a shower, a nap, and then drive back. I also didn’t count the hours that I’ve spent pacing the hospital floors. Just the chair time; forty-three hours (probably more by the time

I Got To Ride In An Ambulance

Yesterday I was having lunch with a fellow nonprofit board member, and as I usually do, when the waitress came I asked if the restaurant had any gluten free options. To my excitement, they had a whole gluten free menu. SCORE!  Unfortunately when my burger came, my supposedly gluten free bun looked IDENTICAL to my

When It Hurts

When I was about 10 years old, I was running up the stairs to my bedroom when my ankle rolled and gave way. Over the sound of my body thudding down each and every step, was a very distinctive and sickening “popping” noise that sent chills down my spine and a searing pain up through

Newsflash: Bad Things Happen

“Alright” the doctor said, flipping through the test results that the nurse had just handed him. “Hum. Ok” he muttered to himself as I tried not to jump out of the chair and rip the results from his hands. I mean really now, read a little faster and tell me what the hell is going

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