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When Everything Is Just Not Ok

**Ok, little disclaimer here, not sure why, but one glass of wine has made me a little bit fuzzy brained tonight…probably because it’s 9:02pm and I haven’t eaten since like 11am, but still that’s really unlike me. Anyways… forgive my spelling and grammar errors as I quickly wrote this post this morning figuring I would

Yesterday I Flipped The F**k Out

*Warning, there is a lot of swearing in this post* Please also note, my children were at daycare. Thought that was important to throw in there…. I flipped out yesterday. No, I didn’t just flip out, I FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT. I can honestly say that I have never felt so angry in my entire life.

Facing The Silencers

Ok, so, this post has been a little hard for me to write. I love this blog, I love that survivors are coming together in the comments section, I love that people are feeling comfortable sharing their stories, and I love that the stigma of abuse survivor shame is finally being broken. Coming on here

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