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I Need To Stop Looking At It

“Can we please just cancel?” I found myself asking him. I just couldn’t go through with it. I’ve been seeing this guy for a while now and there are still some family members of his that I haven’t met. The plan was for us to all go out to dinner on Saturday night, but as

The Perfect Victim

Did you know that according to Popular Science, roughly 5% of women who are raped experience an orgasm during the assault? And that’s actually a pretty low statistic because I’ve read other studies that that statistic at a much higher percentage. I personally know for a fact that it does happen simply because I’ve worked

There Was Definitely Screaming

I DROVE ON THE EXPRESSWAY!!!!! I’m telling you, I wasn’t kidding when I said I was determined to get over this fear of mine! Thankfully my friends were all in when I told them about project “Helping Eden Get Over Her Absolutely Ridiculous Fears” and so off we went, to tackle my fears and create nightmares. A few

My Aunt Wants My Mother To See My Children

My aunt called me last night. “Eden. I’m going to ask you something and I just want to ask, so just listen for a minute and I’m just asking.” That sentence structure right there was a big fat warning that I wasn’t going to like whatever she was about to “just ask me.”“………uh…….oooooooooookkkkkaaaaayyyyyy” was what

I’m Afraid Of Me

We were on our way to another state to visit some friends of hers when it happened. The next thing I knew we were pulled over on the highway, the car parked up against a concrete barrier, and she was screaming something to the effect of “WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE.” I sat in

Make It Count

I have a best friend that has the same name as me. She parents almost exactly like me, even has her kids on nearly the same diet as mine. We shopped for maternity clothes together and when it came time to have our sons baptized, she stood in front of the church and led the

My Christmas Tree Might Actually Fall Over

The kids and I put up our Christmas tree last night. It’s not the seven and a half foot tall, lush and well lit, sprinkled with “snow” tree that typically adorns my living room. It’s not decorated with the expensive Macy’s ornaments that my extended family purchased for me year after year (despite me telling

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