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Happy 4th of July! I hope that all of my American friends had a wonderful holiday! My holiday was spent working at a concert beer tent, with the rest of my nonprofit board, and taking the kids to our local fireworks festival. 
It was great!

After that, we spent the day recovering in a friend’s pool while her amazing boyfriend BBQ’d for us.

With that being said, no time for a real blog this week! But, I’ve been pretty busy working over at Yahoo and Babble, and not to puff myself up, but I think these last few weeks have been my favorite in terms of article content.  I’ve had the opportunity to cover a lot of topics that we discuss on this blog, and really touch on a few issues that are dear to my heart.

Since I know that many of you are strict blog-readers-only and don’t follow me on Facebook, I wanted to gather up my favorite articles that have run in other places, and drop them here for you.

Plus, if you don’t read the article that I wrote to my husband’s new wife, what will be talk about?

So, pull up a sofa because you have some catching up to do!

Oh! But before I go, thank you so very much for all the sweet comments about The Boy Child being one month seizure free! As I tucked him into bed tonight, I couldn’t help but feel blessed that we seem to be getting his seizures under control.

We still have him on the oxygen monitor for safety reasons, but I feel very optimistic! 
Oh, and that is his penguin, Todd. Yep, penguin Todd.

I’m happy that so many of you rejoiced with me!

Now onto the articles!


“An Open Letter To My Ex Husband’s New Wife (Because I Know You Read My Blog)”

Yes new wife, I know you read my blog, and this one is for you.


“Motherhood Doesn’t Look Glamorous, When You Are In A Fight For Your Child’s Life”

I envisioned myself being the cute, well put together mom. But then my children got sick, and reality hit; this is the face of motherhood for me.


“Please Stop Offending My Husband By Asking When He Will Have His ‘Own’ Kids”

Seriously, can we please stop acting like my husband doesn’t have any children, just because he doesn’t share our kid’s DNA?


“Dear Mom And Dad, This Is What I Wish You Would Have Known When I Tried To Take My Own Life”

First off, never write an article that you have temporarily titled “suicide letter,” in a public space, unless you want some very kind person to see it, and sit down to see if you want to talk. And also, this is what EVERY parent of a teenager should know; whether you think they are struggling or not.


“Five Surprising Ways To Find Family Entertainment If You Are Low Income”

Oh the things I have learned, and am happy to share!


“They Thought My Son Had ADHD, But The Truth Was Something I Never Expected”

ADHD is a very real disorder, but it can also be an over-diagnosed condition that masks the real problem your child may be dealing with.


“Here Is Why You Should Never Judge A Parent Whose Kid Is Glued To A Tablet”

If I want my child to be completely absorbed in his tablet, maybe you should consider respecting my decision, because this is what you don’t know.


“Strangers Step In To Save Family Of Four After Their Truck Flips Over In A Creek”

Have you guys seen this video? INSANE.


“In Just One Week, Family Loses Everything They Own To Bedbugs”

This is so horrific, I will have nightmares for life!


“Man Shatters Myths Of Dating A Single Mom In Viral Video”

Can I get a “HELL YEA?”


“Jimmy Kimmel Has Just Spoken For Every Child Who Has Fallen Through The Cracks Of The Healthcare System”

When he cried, I cried.


Thanks for catching up with me, and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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