Easy, Healthy, Gluten and Dairy Free Breakfast Meals

Gosh darn, it’s been a while since I’ve posted any recipes on here! I’ve made a definite transition over to Facebook, as you probably noticed, but in the interests of keeping these recipes in the archives, I’m going to post them here as well.

Breakfast cookies continue to be a favorite of ours, and it’s fun to see how they have changed over the years. High in protein, iron, fiber, and vitamins, this is a fun breakfast item that you can feel good about feeding to your kids.

5 Ingredient Breakfast Cookies:
❤️ 1.5 cup oats
❤️ 1 cup applesauce
❤️ 1/4 cup hemp (iron and protein)
❤️ 1/4 cup ground flax (protein and fiber)
❤️ 2 ripe bananas
❤️ And whatever fruit mix-ins that you’d like.

❤️ Bake at 375 until your eyeballs think they are done. They should be semi firm and a bit browned on top.

I highly recommend blackberry-raspberry, cinnamon-raisin, peach-coconut, strawberry-chocolate chip, chia-kiwi, pumpkin spice, and peanut butter.

I usually make a quadruple batch and stick them in the freezer for my kid’s breakfast (I freeze them in casserole dish with wax paper in between the layers). They thaw amazingly and I love knowing the kids are starting out the day full of stuff their bodies actually need, versus the overpriced waffles I used to pay for.

The only version I’m not sure if I recommend, is the time I decided to surprise the kids and add four chocolate chips to each cookie.

Four chocolate chips goes a long way on a toddler’s face!


Another easy breakfast that has become a staple in our house, are egg muffins. Also high in protein and veggie vitamins, while remaining low in carbs, there’s no shame in chowing down on these.

Egg Muffins

❤️ Pour whisked eggs into a well greased muffin tin. I prefer the 1 Cup size. Be aware that they will rise significantly, so leave space in each cup.

❤️ Add veggies and cooked meats

❤️ Bake at 350

Be aware that these are MUCH easier to get out of the tin while they are still warm!

A few of our favorites add-ins are sausage, ham and peppers, broccoli, pre-cooked sweet potato shavings, and hash browns.

And an easy twist on that meal idea, is to use the same ingredients to make Breakfast Burritos, or Scramble Bags. Both freeze extremely well and again, are a full meal pyramid (minus the dairy) in one easy grab bag. Which is why I usually make 30 or so each time to toss in the freezer for the kids to grab in the morning while I’m laying in bed scrolling Facebook.

I mean… busy…

These burritos are sausage, hash brown, egg, and pepper wrapped in a corn tortilla.

Meanwhile, these are two Scramble Bag varieties that we love:

❤️ Scrambled egg, pre-cooked sweet potato shavings, bacon, and avocado


❤️ Scrambled egg, chopped tortilla, pepper, and sausage.

Protein ball bites are by far the easiest snack to make, and my son basically lives on them.

Protein Ball Bites

❤️ Oats

❤️ Peanut Butter


❤️ Raw Honey

❤️ Roll into a ball, place on a pan, and refrigerate

And then there was that time that I bought an entire shopping cart full of bananas for $6.

Do you have any idea what that many peeled bananas look like?

It looks like smoothies for days. We like making them with almond milk, banana, peanut butter, and strawberry. The great thing about smoothies, is that your ingredient amounts can be suited to your taste!

Then, when the kids got tired of those — or yours do — try changing things up by making frozen smoothie cups. The ones below are almond milk, banana, strawberries, and chia seeds.

I simply poured them into muffin papers in a muffin tin, and popped them into the freezer for a while. The kids thought that they had scored themselves a treat, so I’m going to consider that a win.

But now, since this cold weather is making us all crave comfort food, I have turned to making food that will warm our insides. Sweet potato bites are a super simple snack to make, and truly don’t take much prep work at all.

Sweet Potato Bites

❤️ Dice, or slice, peeled sweet potatoes

❤️ Lightly coated them with olive oil

❤️ Sprinkle with cinnamon

❤️ Place on parchment paper lined pan and bake at 400 until the outside gets crispy

Full of vitamins, and none of the junk!

What are your favorite, simple, go to snack ideas for the comfort of winter? We’ve been on a muffin kick lately, but I’m looking for some fresh ideas, and I’d love to hear yours!


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