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When Love Hurts

She stomped out of the room, turning around just long enough to shout “I wish daddy was here and not you!!” My heart exploded. For a kid that is rarely in trouble and raises her voice towards me about as often as I change out my yearly calender, I was shocked. Shocked, hurt, and shaking


The Girl Child had curriculum night at her school a few nights ago. Because they didn’t want a bunch of kids interrupting the teachers and parents, the school had a drop-off classroom where kids could stay and watch a movie; both of my kids were excited to go. There were two sessions that night and

Give The World A Reason

I’d like to introduce you to our new family member, Henry. Almost a year ago The Girl Child’s grief counselor had recommended that The Girl Child get a pet. I guess many times children who are bottling up their emotions will talk to animals in ways that they won’t talk to other people, and a


It’s funny how everyone waits for summer to get here so that they can kick back and relax, but then the minute it gets here we all take off running and throw relaxation to the side! Here’s just a snapshot of what the Strong family has been up to: As I said before, someone graduated

Surgical Update And Other Total Randomness

Roughly three years ago I took The Boy Child to the hospital because he was having trouble breathing. He was quickly admitted and a course of treatment was started, but when he continued to decline instead of improve, it became apparent that the interventions that particular hospital was able to provide weren’t going to be

Upcoming Surgery This Week

Talk about a whirlwind of a weekend!! Geesh. Is it Friday yet??? Oh no wait. Friday just passed. Wowzers. My Friday night ended like this: A few friends brought tasty things and came over to chill out after a long week, and trust me when I say that it was a LONG week. Aside from

Prayers Please

Hi!! Last week I got that call from daycare, the one that every parent hates, the one that sounds exactly like “hi, your kid is sick, please come get him.” Blerg. “Ok, I’ll be right there!” I picked up The Boy Child and although he was running a bit of a fever, he didn’t seem

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