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Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to take a minute to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!! I know from interacting with so many of you that the holidays can be rough on a lot of people. Society’s portrayal of celebrations involving big families, lots of food, and material goods, can, as one person commented, “put a

I Broke Up With Him

I broke up with The Detective Whose Name I Do Not Like. It sucks, I’m bummed, but I’m OK with it. Here’s the thing; He was great. No really, he was. I have absolutely no complaints about him whatsoever. Super sweet, thoughtful, good looking, responsible, etc, etc, etc, and yet I broke up with him

Take A Deep Breath

It’s been awhile since I generally updated you on my life, hasn’t it? Sometimes life just sort of snowballs on me and then suddenly I realize that I haven’t updated you on certain things in a while. So, I guess it’s about time that I catch you up on a few things! The Boy Child

They Came Softly

I know, the title, but come on, it wouldn’t really be my blog without at least one slightly inappropriate innuendo, now would it? Ok, now GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER. I saw my mother at the grocery store the other day.  I needed to go to the health food store and I drove

Just Show Up

**Forgive me for the quality of some of these photo’s, I took a lot of them on a disposable camera and since I don’t have a scanner, I literally took a picture of a picture and posted them here.** When I was 15 (16?) my parents sent me on a work camp trip over the

Get Your Own Damn Life

My friend looked at me, eyes wide open, unsure if she should applaud my creativity or call social services on me. “Well, what was I going to do?” I said. “I’d rather have her scared than dead.” I was referring to the fact that after several gun related incidents with a few of my daughters

“Will She Survive?”

First off, I know I don’t talk about it much on here for privacy reasons, but the nonprofit is going great! I really can’t believe how far we have come. We are officially a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization, we have an amazing board of founders, the support of the community, and we are hitting the

I Talked To My Ex

So I was basically a bitch for three days straight last week, I’ll admit it. I’m not kidding you, if you stepped in my path you were probably going to catch a nasty attitude from me. You know that look that girls sometimes get that says “if you talk to me I might kill you?”

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