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As usual, it’s been really busy around here and since you guys are always sweet enough to email me and see what we are up to, here’s the monthly update!

I’ve been working insane hours and there’s been something else taking up a lot of my time (which we will talk about later this week or early next week), but I’ve continued to maintain my stance on “No Work Weekends.” It hasn’t been easy! Just knowing that I have a TON of work that needs to get done makes relaxing on the weekends hard, but I’m determined to remain steadfast in my belief that my priorities are my children and I need to remember that when it comes to deciding where I focus my attention.

Focus your attention on what you most wish to succeed.

So here we are and another month has gone by! First off, Henry has continued to adapt well to the craziness that is our household.

Even though Henry sleeps most of the day, I think he’s a little lonely now that The Girl Child has started school for the year.
What!? Already!? Didn’t school just freaking end!?
Yep, she actually started weeks ago!

She absolutely loves school and I really like walking her there and back everyday. It’s super, super close to my house, but since I’m gone most evenings I love the few minutes where I get to focus on absolutely nothing other than what she wants to tell me.

And I can’t forget The Boy Child, he started preschool!!!! He is so VERY proud of himself as you can see:


I’m proud of him too 🙂

When the kids aren’t in school, I feel like we are always at a birthday party. We’ve been to four in the last two weeks, one being for a friend’s son. She did a super cute Army Man theme:


Army Crawl!

Pin the helicopter on the target!

Tank Pinata!


Bounce House!

We also spent a little time at a forest preserve kind-of-thing near my house. I love getting to set the kids free to do what kids do best — get dirty, be loud, and run/jump/leap/climb.





And as usual, we also spent some time on a farm. This past weekend we went with a group of friends to a free event that is held every year at a farm not far from here. It’s an early 1900’s style carnival that has everything from traveling tent exhibits to old-fashioned games, wagon rides, animals, and some really neat shows like comedian jugglers and cowboys doing tricks with a lasso.


Helping squeegee the horses dry!
There were quite a few animals but somehow I only got a picture of the cat and the chickens

The Boy Child trying to pet a chicken.




Jugglers with flaming torches on rolling balance bars. I swear they were on fire, I’m not sure why the flame didn’t show up in the picture!


Strong man game
Whatever that ring and bottle game (where you have to stand the bottle up) is called
Sling shots!
Magic show!

With summer ending we made sure to hit the splash park before it closed.



As well as spending some time outside before it gets cold! Who says you have to travel anywhere to have a picnic?





Our neighborhood has a path that winds through it and around several ponds and playgrounds. On this day we hopped on the path and were aiming for the playground near the end that has a fire truck climbing structure, but we never made it. #Sidetracked.







I ran the Wipeout Run!!! My Bestie watched The Boy Child and Frisbee Boy’s Mom took The Girl Child so that I could run The Wipeout Race with a group of friends.

I’m wearing the pink shoes and you’ll notice my friend “The Supermodel” is off to the far left.
I have to say, running that race probably ranks up in the top 10 experiences of my life. It was incredibly, ridiculously, INSANELY, fun and since they are all held over the country I highly recommend that you all check it out next year!! I was a little bummed that I had to skip some of the obstacles just because my genetically broken joints couldn’t handle them, but it was still hilarious to watch everyone else!

Seriously, check this out and tell me it doesn’t look like fun.

(Click the “play” button on the center of the video. It’s a little hard to see)


If you didn’t watch that video yet, WATCH it. You MUST run this at least once in your life!!!

I did pretty well, but most importantly I didn’t break my face (which was pretty much my only goal) and am totally looking forward to it next year!


In the meantime a friend and I have resumed taking our free Zumba classes at the Y. I have to say, for being someone that dances several times a week, I legit thought I was going to have a heart attack during my first two Zumba classes. Those ladies are INTENSE!


Speaking of having great friends, I finished up the summer at a long planned concert with my “future in-law” friend. The Platonic Husband’s daughter was kind enough to pick the kids up from school and daycare, and then Frisbee Boy’s Mom stayed with them until I got home at midnight just so I could go.




I’m telling you, if you want to save a few bucks, buy a cheap ass lawn seat ticket and go with my friend. She knows how to do it right!

The place the concert was held at is known for their “upscale” picnic-style music festivals and it’s kind of expected that everyone show up early and “dine” on the lawn. We sat in front of the jumbo screen to get a better view (and possibly also so that I had an easier time managing the pan of brownies that I was balancing on my lap… and hoarding all to myself….)

Although at one point I did manage to put down the brownies and wine and walk up to the stage for a better view.

…But then I happily returned to polish off the last of my wine… and by then I apparently no longer felt the need for a glass.

We had a great time! I snapped this little vido clip for you guys when the band started performing a cover song.




All in all, I have to say that this summer was pretty rockin’ and I’m not just making a horrible pun because of the concert. You might have noticed from my monthly updates, but the kids and I had a really great summer. This past year I’ve felt very trapped by the constraints of our extremely limited budget and it was really bothering me that I was spending so much time saying “no” to everything my kids wanted to do. When spring rolled around I was determined not to let our finances (or lack thereof) be a factor in how much fun we had this summer, so I used Google often, checked the neighborhood Facebook pages weekly, and with a little planning we were able to take advantage of all the free things our town had to offer.

I’m going to brag here for a minute, but aside from the Wipeout Race and the concert (which I used coupons for!!!) I didn’t spend any money at all on our summer activities.

Can I get a high-five?

Because of all the money we saved, I figured that the last day of summer would be the perfect day to spend a couple dollars, rent a movie, and relax together on the couch.

The Boy Child was thrilled.


Was it a great summer? Nope. It was an awesome summer.

Am I exhausted?


Sounds like the perfect night to throw a party, complete with The Platonic Hubby, boxed wine, and solo cups fit for a queen.

At least what we lack in class, we make up for in fun.


Are Your Weekends Filled With Everything Except Time For The People You Love? Consider Joining My “No Work Weekend” Movement And Refocus Your Attention On The People That Matter Most; Your Life Depends On Your Legacy.

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  • Facebook
    September 14, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    We've had to have a cost effective (read: mostly free) summer too. Our favorite was Lego robotics classes at the library. Check if your town is part of the Kids Out And About network. Lots of free activities posted all the time.

  • Mzfuzz
    September 14, 2015 at 4:17 pm

    Looks like an epic summer to me!!!

    • NotMyShametoBear
      September 21, 2015 at 3:09 pm

      Twas’ fun!!!

  • nichole jenkins
    September 14, 2015 at 6:04 pm

    I felt like summer didn't even exist minus the scorching heat. but we managed to have some special things happen too. I work nights so my summer days were mostly spent sleeping until 1pm. We got so much rain that our pool turned into an algae pond that we couldn't fix. ;( sad times. School started here in the middle of July so our summer for the kids was short anyway, but on the good side, we get two weeks for a fall break from the last week in Sept thru the first week in October.I wanna come live by you so I can do cool farm stuff. I live on the Border to Mexico and it is just desert so there are no lush farms here 😉

    • NotMyShametoBear
      September 21, 2015 at 3:09 pm

      Hey, I like sleeping until 1pm. I haven’t gotten to do that in the last 7 years, but that doesn’t sound like a bad summer lol!! School started in the MIDDLE OF JULY!? What the heck!!! I thought the middle of August was bad!

  • Anonymous
    September 14, 2015 at 8:37 pm

    You're such a great mom. Your love for your kids is so evident. I wish I was as involved as you are, I feel bad every time I see how much you do with your kids and I know I'm not doing half as much.Also can I just thank you for buckling them up properly in their car seats? I'm so tired of seeing kids with the straps half off and the chest clip in the wrong place. Your kids are buckled in like the manual!

  • Google+
    September 15, 2015 at 2:27 am

    It was too short, too hot and worked/slrpt through most of it

  • nichole jenkins
    September 15, 2015 at 5:48 am

    Yes exactly. Thursday i was driving to pick my kids up from school snd this lady was driving with her rearfacing car seat in the front seat with the baby in it whilevshevwas texting and putting make up on. I screamed out my window that her baby belings in the middle if the bavk seat!!

    • NotMyShametoBear
      September 21, 2015 at 3:09 pm

      I’m a car seat psycho!! If you’re kid isn’t buckled up, I’m going to say something lol!!

  • nichole jenkins
    September 22, 2015 at 8:06 am

    Sleeping till 1pm is only fun if you stayed up goofing off not working from 830pm till 630 am. I dont get to sleep until 740-800.

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