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And still, Only Me. Part 2

Remember the last “Only Me” post? Well this week has been full of serious posts and heavy topics, so I wanted to lighten up the mood a bit. So, for your reading pleasure, a few more things that would totally only happen to me. Happy to have you laugh at my expense, just to bring a

Let Your Soul Breathe

I recently met a guy, who on the surface, seemed great. Stable life, lived near me, common interests, great job, good looking, the whole package. Except for one thing. He complained. All the time. Somehow every conversation that we had would ultimately morph into a conversation about how his ex wife ruined his life. If

A Message To The Trolls

So this week has definitely tested my willpower in self restraint. The trolls, or as I am more inclined to think, the troll who is assuming multiple “anonymous” personalities, have been coming at me hard. Questioning what I say, demanding proof that I am who I say I am, and just generally feeling entitled to

Things That Make You Ask “Why?” Part 2

Things that make you ask “why? Just, why?” Courtesy of my phone camera. Why was this able to get past every single department involved in designing the children’s menu at this large scale chain family restaurant? “How many of you young in’s want a chick-on-a-stick? Its the weekend kids, live it up!” Why was I unaware

Mr. Attorney Man

So, this post started out as something completely different, and was significantly shorter, but, when I told my attorney that I was writing about him, his exact words to me were “Fuck you.”Bad idea dude. Bad idea.So…….Challenge accepted. Now to most people, if their attorney had said “fuck you” to them, they would most likely be

Trust: An Almost Four Letter Word

Trust. Its like a four letter word plus one extra letter for an extra punch. It is the one major issue that I am dealing with, and the one major issue that I don’t even know how to start fixing. You will see throughout this blog, that trust issues are a reoccurring theme for me.

Facing The Silencers

Ok, so, this post has been a little hard for me to write. I love this blog, I love that survivors are coming together in the comments section, I love that people are feeling comfortable sharing their stories, and I love that the stigma of abuse survivor shame is finally being broken. Coming on here

When Your Life Burns Down

This week, one of my articles was published over on the site I didn’t even know it was going to be run this week, so I was a little caught off guard when my blog started filling up with comments from people all over the world who had made their way over to my site.

Only Me

Things that make me shake my head and say “Only Me.” Ok, so it’s time to update all of you on the strange and bizarre in life that is me. Fun times. I often sit back and wonder if I am heaven’s comedy reel. Like seriously, how does all this weird stuff happen to me?? A

He Loves Me, I Love Him…… Not

He and I have been best friends for quite some time. I don’t know why we never dated, we just never did. People have always asked us why we don’t date, and for the most part, we would just look at each other and have a mutual exchange of somewhat horrified glances and scrunched up

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