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Beware Of Frisbee’s

Everyone has those stories from their past that they just love to share, don’t they? So you have a story that stand out as particularly funny or dramatic, that come up time and time again? Well I do, so I thought that maybe you would like to hear one of my best party stories. Freshman

Death, Rescue Me

Did you all know I write poetry? I can’t remember if I’ve shared that on here before. Most of my early work and my first published book, was all poetry. I haven’t shared my poetry in a long time because it has become intensely personal, but tonight I guess I’m feeling open. **Trigger Warning** I

Damn Straight I’m Gonna Wear It

A couple weeks ago both of my kids got the stomach flu. I’m telling you, there aren’t many things that I rank higher in the “hellish experience” department than being a single working mother of two young children with the stomach flu. Missing work (i.e. a paycheck) so that I can spend my day covered

My Life Is Completely Unrealistic

When did life get so complicated? Don’t get me wrong, it’s always been complicated, but when did it get so overwhelming? To be honest I’ve had a few rough weeks. Looking back it seems as if ever since the surgery I’ve been struggling with the footing of life. The complications that I had after hemorrhaging

I Didn’t Win The Battle….

As I said before there are some big changes going on around here in an effort to simplify my life into a more manageable creation than that kaleidoscope mess that it currently is. After looking at my schedule I have come to the hard realization that I cannot both found my not-for-profit and run my

Mind If I Pop You With My Stick?

As you all know, my life has been undergoing some major changes recently and it has been nothing short of stressful. This was a long few weeks. A really, really, long few weeks. One night I found myself sitting at the kitchen table and just feeling absolutely overwhelmed. I felt an overwhelming rush of emotion

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