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Meet Thirteen Year Old Eden

A couple of weeks ago I was going through the small bin that I keep in the back of my crawlspace filled with mementos from my childhood. I was sort of mulling over the few things that I had kept, the few memories that I hold dear from that period in my life. A novelty

Back When I Was A Cutter…..

Look at me, I’m finally getting around to answering more of the questions you guys posed when I said you could ask me anything you wanted in the comments section of the post “Here’s Your Chance!”  I’m going to tackle two questions with one answer today, because I’m savvy like that. I’m also nerdy and

Oh F**k I Peed On The Floor

Both of my kids birthday’s are going to be coming up in the next few weeks and it got me thinking about being pregnant with both of them. I have to tell you, pregnancy is a really weird thing. It’s weird to me that it didn’t feel more natural, but it just didn’t. I wasn’t

Can’t I Just Bang Both Of Them?

Do you remember in my Boyfriend Application post I said that I thought I was ready to give a real monogamous relationship a try? Well, it didn’t quite work out like that. If you remember correctly, for quite a while I was dating quite a few people at one time, but nothing serious. In fact,

To The Woman Who Isn’t Yet Free

To the woman who isn’t yet free, You are someone. I don’t care what he tells you or what he tries to make you believe, you are someone. You aren’t a failure. You aren’t worthless, stupid, a burden, or anything else that he tries to make you believe. You are amazing and he knows it.

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